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SINGLE CLASS OR PACKAGE: 12-hour notice is required to cancel your class without losing your credit. You may cancel your class on our scheduling website. Due to the popular demand of our classes, providing ample notice, allows us to fill each class and allows other students to fill your space with plenty of notice.  No refunds will be issued outside of the 12 hour cancellation window.
MEMBERSHIP CLASSES: Class must be cancelled 12-hours prior. One late cancelled appointment, or no-show is provided. Additional late cancelled appointments will result in a $15 no-show fee.
ATTENDANCE: The instructor has the right to cancel class, up to 2 hours before, if only one student has signed up.  We will do our best to reschedule the class, should we cancel due to attendance.  We highly encourage you to sign up online to prevent showing up to an empty studio.


1. What do I wear/bring?

Wear tight clothes that cover your knees and armpits.  DO NOT wear belts, shoes, jewelry, Velcro, or  any  clothing items that can damage the fabric.

DO NOT  wear lotion, perfume, smoke etc. to keep the fabric clean.

2. Do I need to be strong?

You are using primarily your upper body strength and core.  Any exercise to help you prepare is wonderful, but not required.  Try doing push ups, planks, squats at home.  Don't be hard on yourself.  It is not  a contest, it is for you and you alone.  Set your goals and we can go from there.

3. I'm afraid of heights!

That's okay! Almost all skills can be performed at ground level.  Our number one concern is your safety.  We will never push you past your comfort level.   You may build up enough confidence to love heights and twirling high up.

4.  I just had my first class and feel a little off, is that normal?

This is normal  for beginners.  You basically just flushed your body of toxins through inversion, massage, and stretching.  Do not worry, this feeling will pass.  Drink plenty of water and an anti-inflammatory.  Take a hot bath and do some light stretching.

6. I love class!  What can I do at home?

Buy a hammock!   You can practice in the privacy of your home.  Be very careful where you purchase equipment  from.  There are weight and safety  precautions to be aware of.  In the meantime, work on body weight  exercises such as push ups,  sit ups, planks...and stretch daily.

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