Stephanie Howard ~Owner/Operator of Elevation Arts


    I grew up in Indiana, where my mom owned a Gymnastics School for 20 years.  I spent my entire childhood in that gym while it helped me to develop into the Aerialist that I am today!  Gymnastics and dance have always been a big part of my life.  I had always planned to own a gymnastics school, just like my mom.  I started coaching gymnastics and cheer when I was a teen and continued on for 15 years.  


But all those plans changed as soon as I had my first class in aerial silks, in Sarasota, FL.  I knew right away that I was exactly where I belonged…flying.   


The challenge and grace of this sport left me wanting so much more!  I spent my time in my aerial silk classes focusing on myself.  My experience in class enabled me to work through some tough, personal situations in my life.  I felt the need to open up that experience to our community!  I quickly became certified as an Aerial Instructor to achieve this goal and can’t wait to see what this new journey holds for me, and everyone who has the opportunity to fly with me!  


    By opening this practice, I am looking forward to the honor of taking on the responsibility of helping women and every new flyer in our community!  I can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals!

*Certified Barre Above Instructor

*Certified Pound Instructor

*Holy Yoga Aerial Instructor 

*Aerial Yoga Certified


Brittany Charnley 


Brittany has been practicing yoga on and off since she was about 12 years old.

However, she didn't start to dedicate her mind and heart to practicing consistently until about 2 years ago.

She has always enjoyed the mind-body benefits of yoga, but also enjoys how yoga can be practiced anywhere you are with little or no props or equipment.


She is also a huge "health nut," has a gluten free diet, and loves Jesus and dark chocolate. :) 

Her love for others is hugely evident!   She is so happy to share her love of health and overall wellness with the women of Knoxville!



Aria has been licensed in and teaching Zumba since 2016, but her fitness journey began long before that! Interests in running, dancing, and weight training that started when she was a teenager resumed after a bit of a hiatus while she was having four kids within six years! The Lord inspired her to train for and run the Marine Corps Marathon twice -- in 2005 and 2006-- and that reignited her interest in fitness. She discovered Zumba in 2012, while living in England, when a friend invited her to come to a class with her. It was love at first salsa! Aria loves encouging others in their fitness journeys through teaching Zumba and other means. She's excited to be on the roster at Elevation!

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Jasmine McCarthy~

Aerial Silks

My name is Jasmine, I previously taught in Clarksville at Austin Peay’s Recreation Center for a year and have been doing silks for over two years. 

   I found my love for silks while taking a class with a friend at a small studio in Clarksville. It has helped better my physical and mental health as well as grow my social skills. Even on bad days, silks always cheers me up. 

   I love teaching and watching the progression of my student’s abilities. Seeing people feel more confident as they build their skills is very reassuring and warms my heart. I hope to help everyone I come across find a love for silks the way I have. 

   I remember when I was little and went to my first circus, I was absolutely amazed by the silks performance. Little did I know I would one day be doing what they did. If you ever see something you wish to try, I encourage you to do so, you may just find your passion.

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