Stephanie Howard ~Owner/Operator of Elevation Arts


    I grew up in Indiana, where my mom owned a Gymnastics School for 20 years.  I spent my entire childhood in that gym while it helped me to develop into the Aerialist that I am today!  Gymnastics and dance have always been a big part of my life.  I had always planned to own a gymnastics school, just like my mom.  I started coaching gymnastics and cheer when I was a teen and continued on for 15 years.  


But all those plans changed as soon as I had my first class in aerial silks, in Sarasota, FL.  I knew right away that I was exactly where I belonged…flying.   


The challenge and grace of this sport left me wanting so much more!  I spent my time in my aerial silk classes focusing on myself.  My experience in class enabled me to work through some tough, personal situations in my life.  I felt the need to open up that experience to our community!  I quickly became certified as an Aerial Instructor to achieve this goal and can’t wait to see what this new journey holds for me, and everyone who has the opportunity to fly with me!  


    By opening this practice, I am looking forward to the honor of taking on the responsibility of helping women and every new flyer in our community!  I can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your goals!

*Certified Barre Above Instructor

*Certified Pound Instructor

*Holy Yoga Aerial Instructor 

*Aerial Yoga Certified


Brittany Charnley 


Brittany has been practicing yoga on and off since she was about 12 years old.

However, she didn't start to dedicate her mind and heart to practicing consistently until about 2 years ago.

She has always enjoyed the mind-body benefits of yoga, but also enjoys how yoga can be practiced anywhere you are with little or no props or equipment.


She is also a huge "health nut," has a gluten free diet, and loves Jesus and dark chocolate. :) 

Her love for others is hugely evident!   She is so happy to share her love of health and overall wellness with the women of Knoxville!

Dian Hall-


Hi! I'm Dian and I have been and athlete my entire life: running, bicycling, swimming, weights, soccer, softball, etc. You name it, I've tried it.  However, it took a long minute (decades) to find yoga.  I feared I would not fit in with those bendy yogis who seemed to have their lives so together.  One day, a friend dragged me to a yoga class and it changed my life!  I didn't have to be flexible or spiritual or anything else but me.  Yoga is for everyone; it meets you where you are and gets you through the day.

I love teaching and enjoy creating fun and fascinating classes.  For me yoga is a cornerstone to both physical and emotional health.  I strive to provide a nourishing environment for all my students: a place to practice and grow; to learn and strengthen.  Come and Play!

RYT-250 hour Yoga Alliance Certification 2016

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